A Legion of Cuban Buyers Invades Managua’s “Oriental” Market

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

This year, the Ortega government made getting a visa easy for Cubans and about 2,000 arrive to Nicaragua every month

cubans in Nicaragua

New Documentary on Monimbo, Nicaragua’s Rebellious Spirit

Documentary on Monimbo

This audiovisual work analyzes the unique way in which the inhabitants of this indigenous neighborhood protest against government repression

April Mothers’ Association: “No Peace for Us until There’s Justice”

April Mothers Association

“The state should turn over to us a list of the police and paramilitary involved in the repression,” states the director of the Museum of Memory

More than 160 Political Prisoners Remain in Ortega’s Jails

160 political prisoners
Maynor Salazar

“Now more than ever we will take to the streets. We want a Christmas without political prisoners,” says Karen Lacayo, sister of “La Loba”

The Silence of Big Business in Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

Vilma Castillo

“Pellas, Ortiz, Zamora and the council of large business owners stand before a fork in the road: wait for something to change, accept Ortega’s offer

Widow of “Chabelo”: “The Ortega Government Killed My Husband”

Widow of Chabelo
Juan Carlos Bow

Residents of Masaya turned the funeral of Jose Isaias Ugarte into a demonstration against the regime, which accuses him of being a criminal

Amaya Coppens Beaten for Reporting Abuse of other Political Prisoners

Amaya Coppens Beaten
Ivette Munguía

The political prisoner had denounced the cruel treatment of detainees from Masaya. A guard beat her up and her medication was restricted

How was “The Gang of the Water-Carriers” born?

Gang of the Water-Carriers

The prosecution accused 16 activists of “arms trafficking”, but on the night of Nov. 14th what they were taking the hunger strikers was water

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