PN activa alerta amarilla internacional en contra de Michael Sahm, padre del menor

Ximena Gutiérrez denuncia nuevo secuestro de su hijo Arún Valentín

Madre dice que “Él (Sahm) le entregó US$20 a las dos muchachas que andaban con mi hijo para que compraran y luego se marchó”

Ximena Gutiérrez denunció a la Policía Nacional el “secuestro” de su hijo Arún Valentín, realizado por Michael Sahm, padre del menor. Esta es la segunda vez en el año que el progenitor del niño se lo lleva sin el consentimiento de su madre, con el objetivo aparente de marcharse fuera del país.

Gutiérrez relató que Sahm llegó por la mañana a su casa y pidió, con su consentimiento, llevar a su hijo a un centro comercial para comer un helado y luego asistir a un cumpleaños. En compañía del padre y del menor fueron la psicóloga y la empleada que ayudan al cuido de Valentín.

“Cuando estaban en Galerías, él (Sahm) le entregó 20 dólares a las dos muchachas que andaban con mi hijo para que compraran y luego se marchó y ahora no sé dónde se encuentran”, dijo la angustiada madre, quien manifestó temer por la seguridad de su hijo.

Gutiérrez explicó que previo a la llegada de Sahm a su casa, este pasó por la oficina de Monseñor Hombach retirando el pasaporte del niño. “Se lo pidió a la secretaria y le dijo que Monseñor le había autorizado retirarlo. No sé si Monseñor realmente le dijo eso, pero esto indica que él (Sahm) tenía todo pleaneado”, relató Gutiérrez.

Policía emite alerta internacional

Cuando Sahm desapareció con el niño, la sicóloga y la empleada informaron a Gutiérrez lo sucedido, y luego esta se movilizó a la Dirección de Auxilio Judicial (DAJ) para poner una formal denuncia contra el padre de su hijo.

“Ahorita se activó una alerta internacional para evitar que él salga del país con mi hijo. Le pido a la ciudadanía que si ven a un señor alto, blanco, nariz aguileña con un niño blanco, como la foto, me avisen o llamen a la Policía Nacional”, reiteró la madre del menor.

Gutiérrez manifestó que en la ocasión anterior no puso denuncia alguna porque pensó que se habían entendido, sin embargo, esta vez aseguró que lo hará porque no considera otra situación similar.

“Me comuniqué con la embajada de Alemania, ellos se asustaron. Hoy estaba cerrado, así que el lunes a primera hora llegaré”, finalizó.

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  1. “Dear all:

    I haven’t wanted to comment publicly about the allegations that Ximena has made regarding pyschological abuse because it is a sensitive topic – and one which I had trusted the legal system to handle appropriately, since there is no evidence to support any of these claims. However, I feel that I can no longer stay quiet on this matter as it bites to my core.

    Ximena alleges that I was not only pyschologically but physically abusive towards her, during a time when I felt that our relationship was full of love, admiration and respect. I am hurt and deeply saddened by her words which are so contrary to the words she shared with me and Arun at the time in question. I cannot help but feel that I was manipulated then, as I am being manipulated now.

    Ximena never brought up charges of abuse in Germany – neither during, before or after our custody trial. I was first confronted with them just one day before Arun and I were to return to Germany together from Nicaragua (as per the custody agreement between Ximena and I). In March, a court in Managua examined the allegations and rejected them as baseless. Yes, REJECTED THEM as unfounded. Yet Ximena has dragged them out again, despite the fact they are unrelated to the trial itself, or to the real issue at hand – the custody of Arun and violation of his rights.

    Her aim seems clear: to estrange Arun from me; to slander my name and reputation; and to constrict my access to and relationship with my son.

    Until now, the court decision on the charges of abuse in March were not made public. My response to these accusations has not been broadcast. But things have gotten out of hand and I feel that I must now go public. I have no choice.

    I have been tricked and manipulated, as have the people of Nicaragua, the authorities in Germany, in the the US and in Nicaragua. But it is not this which pains me the most. It is the fact that Arun has suffered and continues to suffer because of these lies and manipulations.

    This platform is about shedding light on the truth and bringing transparency to a situation Ximena has fueled with poisonous lies for months – lies which only serve to distract from the real issue at hand, our son. Enough is enough. I cannot continue to stand by while Arun’s well-being is at stake, while the laws that are in place to protect him continue to be violated without regard.

    I have plenty of evidence that counters Ximena’s allegations of abuse, through her own words (letters, emails, social media posts, etc). I still resist going public with them as they are very private and dear to me. However, if Ximena continues to spread lies and false accusations, I will have no choice but to publish this correspondence as evidence of real love between us, of her own declarations of adoration for our family and for Germany, of proof of the life of pleasure and leisure that she lived traveling for work and for fun (and of the financial and emotional support I provided) during a time she now claims I had her “locked up” in an apartment.

    I call upon Ximena to stop her destructive behavior, and to please refocus on Arun and remember how much we both love Arun, to please honor our agreements, obey the law, and work together to do what is best for Arun. I call upon her to remember the night when Arun was born and she plead that I will promise to her to be there for my son forever, never let him down. That is exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do. But for Arun’s sake – he needs us both.”

    Michael Sahm, via Free Arun

  2. Ximena Gutierrez miente. Las acusaciones de violencia domestica son falsas. Las invento para perjudicar al padre de su hijo y crearse una ventaja legal. Nunca denuncio al padre de su hijo por violencia mientras vivio en Alemania. Conto a sus allegados que planeaba denunciar a Michael “para vengarse de el”.
    Ximena Gutierrez ha manipulado esta historia, ha manipulado a la opinion publica utilizando a su hijo.